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Long-time Club Med Corporate chef Hans and his wife Sonia opened the first Euro Table location in Coral Gables, with the goal being to bring a sophisticated European lunch experience to Coral Gables.


Sacha's Cafe

Craft a sandwich into a meal… …and a meal into a sandwich

About SACHAS CAFE Company It all started in 1994, when the long time Club Med Corporate chef and his wife opened the first Euro Table location in Coral Gables, with the goal to bring a sophisticated European lunch stop and ambience to Coral Gables. Euro Table has established itself in the corporate environment by means of catering meetings, presentations and trainings to the most prestigious companies in Miami.

Today Euro Table has multiple venues,
Sacha’s at Blue Lagoon,
Sacha’s in Coral Gables,
Sacha’s at Brickell,
Sacha’s at Douglas Entrance, and Fountain Bistro in Coral Gables.

More than just a place for great food - each location is a dynamic, upscale meeting spot and an affordable indulgence. “Inside the hip-designed eatery,” Euro Table makes the best of North American energy and convenience with the eternal elements of European style.


Sacha's Locations

Sacha's Cafe at Douglas Entrance

800 Douglas Entrance
Coral Gables, FL 33134
Web: http://www.sachas-cafe.com
Tel: 305-448-0048
Fax: 305-448-0544
M-F 7:30AM to 3:00PM
Bistro Monday to Friday from 12:00 noon to 3:00 PM

Sacha's Cafe in Coral Gables

2525 Ponce de Leon
Coral Gables, FL 33134
Web: http://www.sachas-cafe.com
Tel: 305-569-1300
Fax: 305-569-1800
M-F 7:30AM to 4:00PM


Sacha's Cafe at Brickell

1450 Brickell Ave
Miami, FL 33131
Web: http://www.sachas-cafe.com
Tel: 305-358-0660
Fax: 305-358-0630
M-F 7:30AM to 4:00PM


Sacha's Cafe at Blue Lagoon

701 NW 62nd Ave
Miami, FL 33126
Web: http://www.sachas-cafe.com
Tel: (305) 269-1996
Fax: (305) 269-1997
M-F 7:30AM to 3:00PM



Our mission…

...simple & fresh

Carefully selected items are used to prepare quality food

We strive for authenticity and efficiency



Walnut brownies
Coffee cake
Raspberry cookies
Coconut scrumptious
Home made cookies
Cereal bars
Apple strudel
Nutrition bar
Dessert tray



Soup of the day

2 different soups every day

Warm entree

A warm entree is offered daily, a few examples Chicken Cordon Bleu,
Salmon, Tilapia, French Crepes, Honey mustard glazed chicken breast.


Changing daily
Filings from grilled vegetables with goad cheese to oroginal quiche Lorraine with
smoked ham and Gruyere cheese

Give us your e-mail and you will get the weekly specials menu
On your smart phone



CAFE and more...


Cafe au lait
Drip coffee
Ice coffee,
shot of espresso over ice with milk

Whole, Skim, Soya Milk available


Hot chocolate
Milk 12 oz
Low fat milk 12 oz
Mineral water
Sparkling water
Fruit juices
Ice teas

Fresh pressed orange juice
"Vitamin Booster" Vegetable-fruit juices



Large choice of breads, Ficelle (long, thin, crusty) baguette, Ciabatta, Croissants, Pain brioche,
Whole wheat, Sliced country bread, or multi grain..........

Sometime only limited quantity are available

"In a hurry?"

For the hurried customer the staff prepared daily a selection of ready made sandwiches,
breads and garnishes vary

Like it cold or like it hot?

All sandwiches can be warmed
However some sandwiches are better served at room temperature

We offer a variety of classic garnishes, Ham, Turkey, Prosciutto, Serrano Roast beef,
Tuna, Soppressata, Chicken-to name a few

To accompany the charcuterie, a large choice of cheeses is offered, Gruyere, Swiss,
Provolone, Asiago, Manchego, Fresh Mozzarella.

Creft a sandwich into a meal
and a meal into a sandwich



3 eggs scrambled or omelet with garnish of your choice

3 eggs fried with ham and bacon

Available on Toasted baguette, wrap or croissant

3 eggs "Benedict? smaked ham on English Muffin, hollandaise sauce

Toasted baquette or croissant

Most of our egg dishes can be prepared with 100% pure egg whites or with
additional ingredients

Croque Madame (limited availability)
Toast with cheese, smoked ham, topped with a fried egg


Florida State Food Code requires us to inform you that consuming raw or undercooked meals, seafood and eggs may increase you risk of food born illnesses.


From the bakery

Muffins, bagels, empanadas, cheese sticks, Croissants, chocolate croissants, assorted Danishes

Scones and scrumptious

Baguette toasted with butter or cream cheese

Bagel toasted with butter or cream cheese

Breakfast extras

Bagel Smoked salmon cream cheese, chives, tomato, capers
Mini croissant with turkey-ham or cheese
Warm quiches garnish may vary
Yoghurt parfait with granola
Fruit salad

Croque monsieur (limited availability)

Oven backed 2 cheeses toast with smoked ham


All served over greens

Tuna spicy, our famous house recipe

Southern, chicken, corn black bean, BBQ dressing

Couscous, grilled chicken breast, caramelized onions

Thai, spicy chicken breast, glass noodles, sesame oil

Cobb, chp-chicken, bacon, egg, avocado, cheese

Light Tuna, boiled egg, tomato, olive oil, lemon juice

Greek, crumbled feta, cucumbers, tomato, olives

Mediterranean, humus, couscous, grape leaves

Caprese, mozzarella and tomato slices, basil pesto

Garden, veggie, tomato, cucumbers, carrots, avocado


Salad of the day

Check the weekly menu for the daily special



You care for your business; we care for your guests

Meet, Eat, Enjoy.

Whether you are catering a meeting, a sales call, presentation, a social gathering, or any other kind of occasion large or small, we believe your guests will enjoy what we make as much as we enjoy making it for them.

Let us help with the details.

We are happy to assist you in customizing the perfect menu for your group. From your first call to your pick-up or delivery time, we’ll make sure your order is right and ready when you need it.

24 hours’ notice is preferred to ensure availability of requested items and timely delivery however we will make our utmost effort to accommodate you last minute needs.

We provide convenience.

Your order comes complete with plastic cater ware.

Chinaware / silverware are available at additional cost.

Eating row or partially cooked seafood, shellfish or meats has the potential to cause illness in certain people. Selected menu items may commonly be served at less than

fully-cooked temperatures but we would be happy to prepare them to any degree of doneness that you might prefer.

Prices may vary, and exclude all taxes and delivery charges

Menu items and prices subject to change without prior notice

Download Sacha's Cafe Menu


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